How To: Winter In Summer

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You probably all know by now that I really don’t like summer, and it’s not only because of the being drenched in sticky sweat and de-vampire-ation attempts of the sun, but also because the fashion, well, kinda sucks. I know that most people out there do love the SUN, the HEAT, the BEACH etc (I think you’re all insane), but for anyone who’s also missing Winter clothing, here’s my top 5 ways of how to do “winter” in summer.

1. The bomber, or even better, the sheer bomber.

The lightest kind of jacket you’ll find out there; put it over your shoulders and BAM you’re barely even wearing a jacket. Even better, find yourself a sheer jacket that is made up of tiny holes and therefore provides zero warmth. Just a warning though, you’ll have to throw this out in winter as it literally does nothing, except look cool.

SHOP light bombers HERE.

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2. The sneaker.

If you’re like me and kinda hate 99% of sandals, then the sneaker is the perfect summer shoe that will only make your foot sweat a little bit. Socks also prevent that awful sweaty slippery glidey action that happens with sandals. That feeling is just worse than the feeling of your tiny sock constantly falling off inside your shoe. At least I think so anyway.

SHOP snazzy sneakers HERE and use my code “miranda” for 10% off.

MORE SNEAKERS: Topshop pompom sneakers, Tony Bianco velcroASOS velcro platforms

3. The fur slipper.

Fur on the OUTSIDE. Yeah it’s furry and fluffy and everything I love about winter. But it’s on the outside so it doesn’t touch your foot, woohoo!

SHOP my hairy pool slides (in red or grey) from Rubi Shoes HERE.


MORE FLUFFIES: Topshop black fluffs, Topshop pink fluffsTony Bianco grey fluffsTony Bianco black fluffs, or Topshop t-bar fluffs.

4. Layering the sheer way.

Purchase items that are COMPLETELY sheer and thus unwearable without anything underneath. Solution – layering, everything you miss about winter. Adds depth (literally) to your outfit instantly. Just make sure you don’t accidentally buy a sheer wool knit or something.

SHOP the Bershka sheer dress HERE.

5. Booties.

Maybe this is just me desperately trying to validate the 2 pairs of booties I bought in the middle of summer, but pretty sure boots are the best shoes ever and make everything bad about warm weather clothing fade into nothingness. You have to make sure they’re open at the ankle though, otherwise you’re going to end up with excruciatingly sweaty ankles that make it impossible to enjoy anything in life.

SHOP my Ego floral booties HERE.

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MORE DECORATIVE BOOTS: Topshop silver bootsTopshop studded boots


In collaboration with Ego Official, JollyChich + ROMWE.

5 thoughts on “How To: Winter In Summer

  1. Glad to know i’m not the only person to prefer Winter clothing to summer! Give me cable knits, velvet and boots any day! Loving the furry slides – I got a pair from Rubi but i’m still not game enough to wear them outside my house yet

    Lizzie | Takeoffs & Landings


    1. Haha you’re definitely not the only one – I love those items so much more than boring Summer clothes! You should definitely wear them out! Just rock them confidently and if people stare, who cares! It’s probably cos they’re jealous and you look cool 😉 xx


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