Summer Irony


I don’t really have much to write apart from the fact that I’m in love with my new red furry Mesop piece and I’m embarrassed that I got a furry jacket in the middle of summer.

Cut me some slack though – Melbourne was doing one of it’s random hey-don’t-forget-you’re-in-Melbourne-and-the-temperature-could-drop/raise-20-degrees-overnight days. The jacket is red, fluffy and softer than a kitten (but don’t get me wrong, this is FAUX fur) and leaving it behind would have been more of a crime that ordering a decaf soy cappuccino.


Mesop jacket / Bershka top / Zara skirt / ASOS belt / Hare shoes / Forever 21 bag

SHOP similar chain belts HERE.

SHOP fluffy red coats HERE.

SHOP velvet HERE.


In collaboration with MESOP.

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