Closet Diaries


I recently discovered a new English brand called Closet London. Fashion in London for me is the perfect combination of being on trend, with a twist of quirky or chic. If someone asked me who was my biggest fashion inspiration, it would be London personified.

You may say “Miranda, London isn’t a person”, well you know what, fashion isn’t exactly something set in stone either, so don’t ask a question about it that requires such a restricted answer. As if I’m supposed to summarize every single outfit I’ve ever worn (and that’s a lot, given the sometimes multiple times a day outfit changes) into one other person. That said, after visiting Tokyo, I now believe my style is also inspired by Tokyo personified. So there, I can’t even summarize my style into one city.

Anyway, after discovering this new London brand, I was over the moon. This pleated skirt with a D-ring is the perfect combination of on trend, with a touch of chic and minimalism. Paired with some fluffs and chains, and the Miranda in the outfit emerges.

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Closet London skirt / Zara heels / DIY shirt / Topshop lace bralette + necklace / H&M earrings / Wego bag
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In collaboration with Closet London.

4 thoughts on “Closet Diaries

  1. Your style inspo totally resonates with me. I often draw style inspiration from places, inanimate objects, feelings, etc. But as soon as you said London, I swooned a little! I’ve been obsessed with London since I saw The Parent Trap when I was like 10 (mind you, I’ve never been, but someday I’ll make it there).
    Anyways, this look is like a current day interpretation of mod 60s London, and I’m all about it!!!


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