Brocade Brigade

Photo 3-3-17, 8 14 18 am

I didn’t think I could take outfit coordination any further…then this outfit happened and gave the word ‘matching’ new meaning. I not only matched the golds and blues, but my hair matches the bronze which matches the brown sunnies, and the earrings are both gold and silver to pick up the slight silver in the jacket. After writing that out, and thinking (for some bizarre reason) that someone would be interested in reading which different parts of my outfit match up, I actually think I’ve lost the plot. Oh did I mention the skirt and top are both pleated (shut up Miranda no one cares!)?!!!

In case you didn’t notice, the earrings are actually DIFFERENT on either side, creating juxtaposition (I’ve always wanted to use that word) with the matchymatchness. Pretty sure when I bought these, #theboywholivedforclothes thought I’d lost the plot (even more than you guys think I have right now) for wanting UNEVEN earrings. He actually told me I couldn’t wear them. And I mean, of ALLL the weird and wacky things I wear (e.g. giant electric blue evil puffs for one), are vaguely uneven earrings really that bad?! Fine then, back to huge multicoloured pompoms it is. Much more sensible.

XOXO crazy matching/uneven lady.

Photos by Margaret Maylinda.

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Photo 3-3-17, 8 21 55 amPhoto 3-3-17, 8 14 47 amPhoto 3-3-17, 8 17 10 amPhoto 3-3-17, 8 22 26 am (1)

NEXT.COM.AU blazer / SheIn skirt / Bershka top / Forever 21 slippers / Gallerie bag / H&M earrings

In collaboration with NEXT.

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