Photo 19-3-17, 6 53 32 pm

Last week was the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) AKA my time to wear fluff, sparkles, and other random things that generally generate stares/weird looks, without anyone being able to say anything about it.

Oh, unless of course I decided to take public transport (ERROR! ERROR!) to a runway show and resultantly received a “wtf” look from every human being I passed. Honestly, there’s weirder things in life that wearing some ruffles and colour, but from the looks I received you wouldn’t realise so.

When attending the shows, there’s a very fine balance between either:

  1. Spending the entire show trying to photograph every outfit and ending up with 459 blurry photos of the person’s head in front of you (unless of course you’re lucky enough to be FROW and therefore you’re probably too cool to be reading this blog post).
  2. Spending the entire show videoing and uploading clips / 219 boomerangs and inevitably tagging the wrong designer.
  3. ACTUALLY WATCHING the show – yeah, that’s actually a thing, don’t worry if you don’t understand what it means as it’s pretty obscure.

Anyway, I chose a mix of option (2) and (3) – unfortunately due to er, height restrictions, option (1) doesn’t really work for me, unless I was to stand on my seat, which would probably result in me getting yelled at. Although, given 99% of audience were following option (2) I’m not sure anyone would actually notice except the person behind me (though, I am ridiculously short, so even they may not notice). As a result, there’s no photographs of the runway shows, so instead I thought I would share my looks with you.


Fashion Weekend Runway

What I like to call the “ballerina gone crazy”. 

Photo 5-3-17, 4 50 05 pmPhoto 3-3-17, 9 21 22 am

Photos by a unsuspecting friend & Margaret Maylinda.

Zara top, H&M skirt, Zaful skirt, Rubi Shoes slides, Libertyemma Collections choker, Forever 21 backpack


The Fashion Advocate Runway

Having a moment with micropleats and secretly knowing I’m going to regret not purchasing Issey Miyake in Japan for the rest of my life. I wore the most theme park-inappropriate outfit I could possibly find to avoid having to go on any rides at all costs.

Photo 11-3-17, 6 45 24 pm (1)Photo 11-3-17, 7 07 49 pmPhoto 11-3-17, 6 43 17 pm

Photos by Bianca of Biancamelb.

Oh My Love top, H&M shorts, Zaful skirt, Topshop boots, Pretty Little Thing bag


Next Official Runway & Harper’s Bazaar Premium Runway & Virgin Grand Showcase of Camilla & Marc

Attempting to blind every Melbournian with as much colour and sparkle as possible. I jokingly said to my friend that I would create an anti-photographer bubble around myself with all this shine, and I ended up in Harper’s Bazaar – so maybe there’s still hope for Melbourne.

See my feature in Harper’s Bazaar Australia HERE & HERE, shot by Stylesnooperdan.

Photo 16-3-17, 6 09 04 pmPhoto 16-3-17, 6 21 02 pm

Photos by Stylesnooperdan & Cheryl of Lawstore.

H&M top, Next Official skirt, Leah Williams jacket, Zaful shoes, Forever 21 bag, H&M earrings, Zaful sunglasses


Myer Runway

This top by Leah Williams is a magical creation that manages to be sheer without being, well, sheer, via some sort of mystical organza layering situation. It’s the only top I’ve ever come across that actually has a solution for the not-being-able-to-wear-a-bra-with-it issue. It’s completely backless, made of a sheer organza material and is held on by only tiny buttons/hooks, yet remained perfectly in place and un-risuqée for the entire night.

Photo 17-3-17, 6 42 09 pmPhoto 17-3-17, 6 38 03 pmPhoto 17-3-17, 6 42 21 pm

Photos by Tri of Tri Edition.

Leah Williams top, And Other Stories skirt, Zara shoes, KBF bag, Kitsu earrings


National Graduate Showcase Runway & Oyster Magazine Premium Runway – FINALE

For the National Graduate Showcase, it’s pretty much impossible to look even remotely bold/statement-y/out there etc etc when you compare yourself to the weird and wonderful creations that are the graduate collections. However, with the assistance of Erik Yvon, there was no chance that my outfit was going to fade into the background.

The weather was against me, but with the help of some cuffing pants & unconventional jumper wearing, I managed to survive 30 degrees in entirely neoprene (a fabric invented, rather unfortunately, for keeping people warm underwater!) Erik Yvon’s pieces are some of the most amazing things I have ever come across, and if I had to describe his brand in one word it would be “I want literally everything”.

Photo 27-11-11, 1 23 10 amPhoto 19-3-17, 6 51 58 pm

Photos by Feivan Fan & Mary Tham.

Erik Yvon pants, top, jumper & earrings, Cinori shoes, Rubi Shoes socks, Naked Vice backpack


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