Mischief Maker

Photo 2-5-16, 2 40 52 pm

It takes audacity to wear a rainbow fluffy bag. And it certainly takes audacity to wear a PVC skirt. Wearing these two items together, well that takes it to a whole new level of absurdity that I will certainly claim as my own.

A throwback to a shoot a did a liiiiiittle whiiiile agooo with Em Roberts – pre-pink hair, and with my very first ever fluff purchase… Who would have known what was to come…!

So the age old question, how can you wear PVC without looking like a stripper?

Step 1: accept that you are going to look like a stripper.

Step 2: combine with rainbow fluffy items so instead of thinking you look like a stripper, people just think you’re crazy.

Photo 2-5-16, 2 40 34 pmPhoto 2-5-16, 2 41 14 pmPhoto 2-5-16, 2 42 30 pmPhoto 2-5-16, 2 40 59 pm

Photography by Em Roberts.

American Retro top / Topshop skirt and boots / Georgia May Designs bag / Alexander McQueen ring

6 thoughts on “Mischief Maker

  1. Looking fabulous hun! I do not think you look silly or absurd at all… I think you look bold and fierce and that you really have balls to wear that. Loving the confidence! Props to you.

     If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:


    It is as fierce and as stylish as you, my dear!


  2. Just bought a black vinyl skirt from asos, and I am planning to follow your advice and fully embrace the absurdity! It’s the only way!


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