Dot Matrix

Photo 1-4-17, 4 23 52 pm

Eyelets, or grommets (a far less appealing name, sounding a lot like a description for an irritatingly small, but otherwise harmless, bug) are definitely a detail of the moment. Great for summer, unfortunately not the best for autumn – unless of course you enjoy having tiny little cold circles touching your skin with openings to the outside (in Melbourne’s case, very windy) air.

Luckily for me, my eyelets are located on my ankles – a not-to-unpleasant area for cold air to access. I decided to pair them with shiny black and shiny silver, because apparently I have a slight matrix-y-vibe obsession at the moment.

This dark outfit may confuse you guys. You may wonder what’s happened to me – where’s the colour, where’s the fluff? Have I lost all hope in the world? But never fear, if you look carefully, I’m actually wearing two jackets. And yes, I wore this to a restaurant, not just for the shoot. My friends were confused. I was confused. But until I pointed it out did you even notice that I was wearing two jackets? 😛

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Photo 1-4-17, 4 26 12 pmPhoto 1-4-17, 4 20 54 pmPhoto 1-4-17, 4 28 15 pm (1)Photo 1-4-17, 4 23 39 pm

SheIn eyelet pants / H&M top / REVOLVE jacket / Dezzal jacket / Zara boots / Forever 21 bag / Aora Aora necklace

In collaboration with SheIn.

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