Impact Zone

Photo 28-4-17, 10 55 39 am

There’s supposedly nothing more timeless than a white shirt, but I often associate timeless with being boring, and I don’t want boring – I want to make an impact. Thanks to Jillian Boustred however, timeless and boring don’t have to go hand in hand. Here’s how to take timeless, monochrome pieces and turn them into something that creates an impact.

Look 1: Futuristic Evil Scientist

I paired shiny OTK boots and leather shorts with the high-necked, structured Jillian Boustred GALLERY SHIRT for a serious contrast of styles. The modest & minimal style of this shirt help to reverse the vaguely-prostitute feels of combining leather shorts and OTK boots. It’s a delicate art wearing OTK boots, as they can very easily slide into hooker territory. Rule 1 – don’t pair with a huge fur coat (and yes, that even applies if it’s faux – which of course, it is).

I then threw over this faux leather, futuristic vibing coat by Inga Skripka and round sunglasses to enter full futuristic evil scientist mode. The oversized-ness of this coat gave me serious feels, especially after visiting Japan (the queens of oversized stylin’) – now anything not slightly oversized feels immediately uncool. Oh, and if you didn’t think this coat could get any cooler, did I mention it’s from Lithuania?!

Photo 28-4-17, 10 52 52 amPhoto 28-4-17, 10 55 07 amPhoto 28-4-17, 10 54 49 am

Jillian Boustred shirt, Inga Skripka coat, Glamorous shorts, Daisy Street boots,  BANA sunglasses, Georgia Mae bag


Look 2: Maximalist Textures

The Jillian Boustred BELL SHIRT is a sharp white, but with an open back, perfect for if you like making back puns (e.g. ‘baby got back’, ‘back at it’ etc etc), and subtly oversized bell sleeves, big enough to be noticed, but not that big that you can only wear this top if you’re 110% sure you won’t be eating in it. I paired it with a fluffy bag by Georgia Mae and fluffy shoes, because well, I luff the fluff life and also people seem to complain now if I don’t wear any fluff. Vinyl pants were also added, because I like to play with fire, although the bagginess is like a self-protection mechanism against prostitute vibes.

Photo 28-4-17, 10 57 00 amPhoto 28-4-17, 10 56 07 amPhoto 28-4-17, 10 56 39 amPhoto 28-4-17, 10 56 57 amPhoto 28-4-17, 10 56 33 am

Jillian Boustred shirt, H&M pants, Hare shoes, From St Xavier bag,

Photography by Tri of Tri Edition.

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