MBFWA: Runway Edit #1

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia: Runway Edit (Part 1/2).

Alice McCall Bon Bon

Alice McCall’s ‘Bon Bon’ Resort 17/18 collection could only be described as an ode to the glamorous fluff. When attaching large hairy sparkly fluffy parts to an outfit, there’s a fine line between elegance and looking like a ostrich tumbled into a puddle of glitter left over from a desert music festival. Thankfully, Alice McCall managed to effortlessly nail the former (that said, I would one day love to see a sparkly ostrich).

The collection was self-described as a “rock chick” stealing her “socialite mother’s heirloom Italian couture” (vibing the 1940s & 1980s – obviously a stylish mother at all ages) and “wearing it out to the club”. While the looks shared subtle similarities with those generally seen at night clubs – for example, leaving very little to the imagination – the completely sheer dresses had more class than 1000 too-short bandage skirts could ever hope for combined.

The shimmery pastels were a feast for the eyes – particularly my own eyes, those on constant fluff patrol, of course. The only downfall being the odd printed carpet runway, which distracted from the looks and could have perhaps been better left in the mother’s wardrobe.

Photography by me.

Karla Spetic 

Karla Spetic was simply me in a collection – the models sported coloured hair (although about 99% more sleek than mine – I blame my Jewish genes for the un-tame-able frizz situation I suffer), they wore sheer and they wore colour. One girl even came down the runway with a sheer black jacket she wore hanging from her elbows – I don’t mean (who’s kidding, I do) to boast about how on-trend I am, but I was literally wearing a sheer black jacket hanging from my elbows AT THAT SHOW. The collection was innovative and it was fun – I’ll take the whole collection thanks.

Photo credit: Karen Woo.


Zhivago – Miami Nights

Zhivago’s ‘Miami Night’s collection celebrated the nightlife scene of South Beach, Miami. This was not a collection for the faint-hearted, or perhaps even the medium-hearted – with jewel encrusted lips, sunglasses boasting hanging plaques, and glitter everywhere to be seen. This was a collection for the bold, who like to make a statement and outshine (literally) everyone else in the room. If you tend to wear sunglasses indoors, this is definitely for you.

Photography by me.

Thank you to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, Mother & Father PR, IMG, Electric Collective and Élysée Collective.

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