MBFWA x Larmont


Photo 15-5-17, 1 32 23 pm

I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that I pretty much live from one holiday to the next. That’s not to say of course that I don’t love brunching twice-weekly, wearing fluffy slides and doing other fun Melbourne things, but holidays do seem to involve a lot of very fun memories compacted into a very short amount of time. That said, with less than two weeks till I jet off to Europe, I’m literally still lusting over my beautiful stay at the boutique hotel, Larmont Sydney by Lancemore during Fashion Week. 

Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly speak anymore about Fashion Week, I had to share with you a little of snippet of my stay in what I like to call ‘the hotel-that-was-invented-specifically-for-a-flat-lay’. The way the room was setup – minimal modern styling, large windows, marble and an abundance of mirrors – was almost jokingly perfect. However, my favourite part of the room had to be the bed – it was the comfiest bed I have ever gotten into in my life and I had separation anxiety every morning when I had to get up.

Photo 16-5-17, 3 51 14 pmPhoto 15-5-17, 2 20 01 pm

The restaurant and cafe next door, The Hyde, is also the perfect stop to refuel if you don’t feel like wandering far or having to get out of your furry slides / sneakers (you never know if a streetstyle photographer could be hiding around the corner waiting to catch you out – oh wait, I actually wore fluffy slides to the runway shows…) They even brought our breakfast up to the room for us, after we quickly learned on the first day that not eating breakfast (and therefore pretty much missing the only eating opportunity before dinner) was not a great idea – this ended with me eating our flat lay prop, a day old and slightly squished croissant. I totally recommend indulging and get the banana bread or pancakes, because let’s face it, unless you’re scoffing a muesli bar during the runway show (I have in fact done this, and am only slightly ashamed) you won’t be eating till dinnertime.

Photo 16-5-17, 10 34 14 am

Thank you so much to the Larmont for hosting us!

Photo 15-5-17, 1 48 56 pm

In collaboration with Larmont Sydney by Lancemore.

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