From Winter With Love

There’s not many people out there who like winter, but apart from the rain and other people being generally unhappy and not wanting to do anything, I actually don’t mind it. That said, having interesting winter clothes is really what makes it fun. 

The sight of black boots, black jeans, black top, black coat and (optional) black soul could douse the happiness from anyone’s mood…so if you want to like winter as much as me, here are my ideas from for how to bring a little bit of fun into your winter, without saying goodbye to most of your beloved basics.

Trade in plain black boots >>> for a statement boot 

Every single person in the world (ok in Melbourne) owns black boots, sooo pretty sure this indicates that black boots can’t be that fun if everyone hates winter. If you want to be happier than every other person, the logical thing would be to choose some FUN boots.

A little fun – Nicholas Kirkwood pearl boots

A lotta fun – Alexander McQueen embellished boots

EXTRA fun – Ellery pink metallic boots


Trade in your second pair of black boots >>> for sneakers

Everyone loves comfortable shoes, so if I haven’t sold you on FUN, perhaps COMFY and FUN will do it.

A little fun – Common Projects pink sneakers

A lotta fun – Reebok pink sneakers

EXTRA fun – Sam Edelman pompom sneakers

841424-pink-5c41ad1b-    837247-pink-93bde86d-.jpeg  867185-white-4e54417a-

Trade in a grey / tan / black jacket >>> for a statement jacket 

A fun coat can literally pull any outfit together. If you so cbf with the rest of these recommendations, continue with the all black look and just add an interesting coat over the top of it. You’re now instantly 80% more fun than you were before (just avoid anywhere too warm where you’ll have to take off your coat and thus return back to a fun level of 0). Someone might give you a slightly odd look, but deep down they’re super upset that you’re wearing the fluffy leopard coat and not them. If you’re choosing fur, make sure it’s faux!

A little fun – SHOP Raey leopard print coat

A lotta fun – SHOP Carven purple coat

EXTRA fun – SHOP Miu Miu faux fur coat


Trade in your jeans >>> for pants

If you’re feeling a little adventures, or get really hot ankles, try a pair of pants or culottes this winter. The crop leaves room for a pair of fishnets or sparkly socks, because your ankles deserve to have fun too. For those who want a challenge, what about a pair of leopard print pants – they blend seamlessly with black or white or camel, or if you’re really looking to smash the glass ceiling over your creativity’s head, you can attempt the leopard pant / leopard coat clash (oh yes I did).

A little fun – SHOP Issey Miyake pleated pants

A lotta fun – SHOP For Restless Sleepers velvet pants

EXTRA fun – SHOP Dolce & Gabbana leopard pants


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