Melbourne Fash Week

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This September I was lucky enough to attend #MFW. That’s Melbourne Fashion Week, not to be confused (yeah in Melbourne’s dreams) with Milan Fashion Week, where I would of course (to put it bluntly) much rather be. That’s not to say #MFW didn’t provide some wonderful entertainment, some events to dress-up for (cos I don’t normally do that otherwise) and a platform for panic and judgement to thrive.

Some of the highlights for me were:

  • The range of head wear alternatives for the races this year; baskets, tree branches, human-sized lampshades, table clothes.
  • Wearing socks with heels to be extra #fashun and then realising it’s really hard to walk in socks and heels and fearing I’ll crash down in front of all the #fashun people (I didn’t, phew) which would kind of cancel out the coolness from the socks/heels.
  • Getting to #fashweek early to shoot an outfit from the night before (with the plan to change in the car into my actual outfit for that night before the show) and getting stopped by a street style photographer while I was wearing the night before’s outfit… Then trying to explain all this to the poor photographer that she should wait and shoot tonight’s outfit… Big mess.
  • Watching the ice sculptures on the closing runway melt rapidly and create pools of water on the runway.

I was lucky enough to attend both the student runways, who always produce the most exciting, and inevitably least ready-to-wear, collections out of all the runways. Below are some of the coolest pieces I saw.

All photos by me.



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