Derby Day

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Along with the excitement of a day where you can never be overdressed (an issue that has haunted me (almost) my entire life), comes the dread of attempting to create a black and white outfit.

Black and white not only restricts the range of pieces that can be worn by about 80% (or 99% in my wardrobe), but it also tends to make outfits look a bit classier and more streamlined than colouful ones. However, never fear, because simply adding a large amount of PVC to your look can reverse this quite easily. And what would PVC be without a bit of juxtaposed fluff? Hence, you have my outfit for Derby Day. If you can’t find anything to wear, simply choose 3-4 items that you might find in a sex shop and pile them on top of each other until it looks appropriately creative and fancy.

Thank you to Schweppes and Sensis for hosting my vinyl-clad self on Derby Day!

Schweppes Marquee

The perfect first stop for Derby Day, the Schweppes Marquee put on an incomparable spread of cocktails – and it would simply be rude and unappreciative to not try every one! These cocktails aren’t the usual suspects, but are specially designed for the races and feature ingredients like chilli, passionfruit and cracked red peppercorn. They even come beautifully decorated with edible flowers – which let’s be honest, belong MUCH better on a drink (where they won’t get sucked into your straw, but simply provide decoration) than on your food (where their “edibleness” when you taste them is very questionable).

While the cocktails were great, what I most adored about the Schweppes Marquee was the sparkly silver wall. I wonder if they’ll let me take it home after the races… I do think my bedroom would appreciate it as much as, if not more than, the race-goers. 😉

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Sensis Digital Marquee 

The perfect place to head for an afternoon party was Sensis – complete with DJs, performers and lychee tequila cocktails. These cocktails taste suspiciously like lychee, but don’t be fooled – there is tequila hiding in there. They also have some sort of charcoal salt around the outside – I’m not sure if this is for decoration or to provide flashbacks of those times to when you thought tequila shots were a great idea (they were inevitably not) and slow the drinking down a little.

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The Burch & Purchese salted caramel cake pops provided a wealth of entertainment – for my tastebuds and for my skirt, when the liquid caramel inside exploded all over it. Actually skirts can’t taste, so it was mostly just me being sad about the lost caramel. Luckily PVC is impossible to stain!

Thank you to AMPR and Sensis, and Eleven PR and Schweppes, for your hospitality!

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