Cup Day

Unlike Derby Day, the Melbourne Cup dress code is pretty much anything goes – bold and extravagant pieces are encouraged. Perfect for me right? Yet, I generally struggle to find a single piece/dress that is ridiculous enough for me by itself (hence Derby Day layering of 4 pieces situation), so I was very excited when my incredible friend Maria from Greedy Lui (who is a fashion designer and from Berlin – could she BE any cooler) designed me a custom piece to wear.

I couldn’t possibly leave the house without any vinyl, so I decided to create a bumbag-meets-suffocation-instrument type situation with a vinyl lips bag I have. It’s not meant to be worn around the waist, but luckily for my internal organs, my waist is significantly smaller than the rest of my body and someone managed to fit inside the chain (that is meant to be a shoulder strap). Also luckily for me, I happen to own a red velvet turtleneck which matched perfectly with the dress, as otherwise I think I may have actually passed out from hypothermia, which would not have been fun (although may have resulted in me getting to ride in a second chopper to be emergency lifted to hospital).

Dress by Greedy Lui / Fascinator by Heather McDowall / Shoes by Next

Chopper you say? I was very fortunate to get to take an UberCHOPPER to Melbourne Cup Day. It was very exciting (and windy) and lasted all of approximately 3 minutes, which is about enough time you want in a vehicle that seems likely to just fall out of the sky at any moment. Thanks to Uber Australia for saving me a (one-way – we had to take the train home) Myki fair!

Once at Flemington, we spent the day in the G.H.Mumm Marquee which was themed like a Yacht Club, complete with a boat and all. Yes, a boat. A land structure is simply too mainstream. Last year there was a swimming pool, this year a boat, what will they have next year…? A blue whale?

There was no water, but the boat bar was serving cocktails that smelt like sushi, but tasted like cocktail – they had a seaweed garnish and it was weird and confusing and delicious. The rest of the Marquee had free flowing champagne and sparkling rosé, along with a delightful range of canapes, like mini tacos, kingfish sashimi and my personal favourite (or at least my post-7 champagnes personal favourite), miniature fish and chips. I spent most of the day pretending to/trying to have some class for this stunning setup, all of which was instantly dissolved the second I began shoveling french fries into my mouth – none of which I regretted.

Thanks G.H.Mumm, for putting on an unforgettable day!

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