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To make up for the lack decent H&M stores, matcha soft serve and squirrels in Melbourne, the universe sometimes gives us some cool art/design exhibitions every now and again, like Triennial which is on at the moment. This one is even free, although they sneakily set it up so you’re forced to walk through all the boring stuff that no one cares about (sorry *fascinating historical artworks) to get to all the fun stuff like a room full of giant skulls and an interactive flower house (it was an unfair competition from the beginning). So on Saturday morning, being all cultured and intellectual etc etc etc, instead of brunching for once, I headed to the NGV to take photos of myself in my carefully planned orange and red outfit that would match the flower room I’d seen all over Instagram. As I said, very cultured and intellectual etc etc.


If the thought of art makes you want to melt into the ground like this rug, you might be pleasantly surprised. Plus the fact that this exhibition is free means you can leave at any point and still feel like you got your money’s worth. No one will even know if you just see the skulls and flowers and leave, because everything’s all randomly spread out – it’s genius for the art-hater. It’s definitely better value for money than smashed avo at brunch, although you don’t actually get a house by not going to this exhibition unfortunately.*

*For any non-Australians – there’s been a recent stir, where it was claimed that brunch (smashed avo in particularly) is the reason our generation can’t afford houses.




3 thoughts on “Art & Stuff

  1. I love an art gallery, especially when it’s free! We’ve had the same nonsense in the UK about avo toast being the key cause of millennial’s inability to get on the housing ladder. Love the metallic skirt! x


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