Oaks Day 2018

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Outfit by Tara Sutherland

This Oaks Day was spent exploring the two newcomers to the Birdcage; Bumble and Pace Penthouse, as well as partying with an old favourite G. H. Mumm. As per usual, the Birdcage put on an extravagant spectacle of performances and displays, including a bottle of champagne designed for space travel, a mattress worth more than a car and orchestra musicians playing David Bowie and Flume.




Bumble was a bee-themed floral princess paradise and knew the way to my heart with a dance floor going from the get-go, vodka lime sodas & coloured sunglasses for everyone. There’s nothing like a marquee that can get the party going without everyone having to be 14 champagnes and 19 cocktails in.



G. H. Mumm

Mumm never fail to impress with their insane designs; this year their Space Odyssey marquee complete with a bottle of champagne designed for space travel (because of course champagne would be your top priority of vital things to bring when travelling space), musicians from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra playing David Bowie’s Space Oddity and a rocket ship for the DJ to sit in. I guess it is a clever way to avoid annoying drunk people coming up to the DJ and requesting terrible songs.



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Pace Penthouse

When we arrived at Pace Penthouse in the afternoon, it’s safe to say my feet (that hadn’t worn heels for more than about 2 hours since last year’s races) were more than happy to test out the $60,000 mattress that just happened to be lying around. While I’m not sure that I could accurately detect every one of the 60,000 dollars gone into producing this, it definitely was a very comfy bed.


Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Thank you to the VRC, Bumble, G. H. Mumm and Pace Development Group for hosting me and to Tara Sutherland for the incredible outfit.

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