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It’s no secret that I thrive at festivals. An oasis of acceptance for colour, print & sparkle-lovers, where people embrace anything and everything different. A parallel universe that transcends societal rules and norms.  I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite sources of ridiculousness so you can create your very own parallel (or at least slightly funner version of) you.

For head-to-toe looks:

Maximum impact, minimal effort or hot glue gun burns.

Tibbs and Bones

Tibbs and Bones have everything you could possible need clothing, accessory, shoe, hair and makeup-wise. from flaming socks, to dolphin earrings to glitter lashes. They also have a store in Northcote if you prefer to try things on in person, with the most ridiculous change room ever and cool tunes playing.

Pretty Little Thing

My favourite stop for cheap finds that I won’t be afraid to get dirty (like literally covered in dust and mud) at festivals. They have a great festival/costume selection with fun pieces like alien head wear and unicorn backpacks. They’re also great for basics if you need a leotard or crop top or bike pants to go with a look.

Zya The Label

These Australian-based chickas make some really unique designs, including lots of pastels, fluoro, sheer, metallics and vinyl. The Madonna Cone Bra is my favourite festival piece and always a hit. If you like random people asking to touch your boobs then this is the top for you! Just kidding, but not really.


Maude Studio

If you like to see the world through glittery bejeweled lenses, then you have found your festival sunglasses soul mate. Head to Maude Studio for the most extra sunglasses you’ll come across. Even if you haven’t showered in days and your tan is made of dust, you’ll feel like an absolute princess in a pair of these. Or a princess of the dust at least.

Viv Vagabond

Viv Vagabond creates crowns for people who were a mermaid in their previous life. These jewelled shell crowns are no mean feat to wear, requiring an outfit and dance moves that can live up their extravagance. This crown is a magnet for compliments and new friends.


You’ll find pieces of glitter in your hair, your bed, your cutlery drawer and your boyfriend’s beard for the next 10 years, but it will all be worth it for those sparkly sparkly moments.

Wild At Heart Glitter

For the most magical pots of glitter mixes, with enticing names like Barbie and Mermaid Kisses. Perfect for the lazy glitterer – fabulously extravagant without any effort required.

The Glitter Tribe

Your one-stop shop for guilt-free bio-glitter, all different styles of body jewels and metallic tattoos.


Australis have just released a festival collection, complete with jewels for your body and face. The perfect solution for when you want to look like a princess, but you’re covered in suncream and dust and attempting makeup is a lost cause.


For those who like a challenge, I love creating things I design in my mind with no idea of how to actually create them in real life – solution: a LOT of hot glue gunning.

My favourite place to shop for DIY outfits is Spotlight – fabric, string, sequins and most important of all HOT GLUE GUNS, all your crafting needs along with some random costume pieces like hair extensions and feather boas.

eBay is also a haven of very cheap pieces like body jewels, sunglasses, quirky costume pieces and random things like fairy lights that I like to weave into my looks. Be warned though, most of it comes from China and can take around 6 weeks to arrive so get in early, or set your filter to only shop from Australia. One of my favourite things to do is glue balloon lights onto clothing for flashing nighttime looks.

So if you’re heading to a festival, get into the spirit and contribute to the vibe created by everyone around you. The only judgement here is towards those who think they’re superior to the havoc going on around them.

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