Art & Stuff

To make up for the lack decent H&M stores, matcha soft serve and squirrels in Melbourne, the universe sometimes gives us some cool art/design exhibitions every now and again, like Triennial which is on at the moment. This one is even free, although they sneakily set it up so you’re forced to walk through all […]

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Europe (Part C)

Just when you thought the Europe blog posts were done…here’s one last desperate attempt to pretend I’m still on holiday in Europe. The last part of this Europe series is dedicated to two of my favourite things: dressing bizarrely, and techno.

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Camel Ride

Throwback to some shots from a while ago at the Andy Warhol X Ai Wei Wei exhibition bicycle structure. Possibly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen and one of the only art pieces I’ll ever really like…

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200 Years Of Australian Fashion

Melbourne often has a serious dearth when it comes to cool art exhibitions. Perhaps worsened by the fact that the only art I really love is fashion. So I was definitely excited to see the 200 Years of Australian Fashion exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. 200 years of fashion around the world would have been […]

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Warhol X Weiwei

It’s rare you’ll catch me at an art gallery in Melbourne, in fact I think the last time I was at the National Gallery of Victoria was on a school excursion (and I had no choice in the matter); but for an exhibition on two artists with a love for colour & statements I had to make […]

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The Falls

How does The Girl Who Lived For Clothes survive camping? She doesn’t. So for four days I had to become The Girl Who Lived For Festivals…

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The Effortless City

While this post is slightly delayed (due to post-20 hour flight extreme exhaustion), London is not a city that can be rushed. With endless markets, shops, landmarks and museums, I could have spent my entire 3.5 months away here and I wouldn’t have gotten bored, even after having been to London five times before. In a city […]

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Pleasure & Pain

Seduction, transformation, allure, status, movement, privilege, royalty, pleasure and pain were all concepts associated with shoes in the ‘Shoes: Pleasure & Pain” exhibition I visited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. An exploration into the extremes of footwear throughout history and around the globe – what more could I ask for? A decent pair of […]

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