Miranda Goes Monochrome

I had high expectations for a city that boasts the most creative #ootd backdrops (East Side Gallery), as well as one of the richest histories of any city, and a too-hipster-for-their-own-good population that puts Melbourne (the capital of wannabe hipsters) to shame.

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After visiting 2 countries where the only words I can say are hello, flamenco and thank you (although I almost said merci multiple times, French > Portugese/Spanish transition was not smooth) we are most certainly paella-d, architecture-d and sangria-d out.

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Miami 2 Ibiza

While normally 1.5 hours sleep and jumping for 8 hours straight may not sounds like the most enjoyable thing ever, Ibiza somehow makes it exactly that. The issue is that only after you LEAVE Ibiza, does your body realise what you’ve done. We concluded that it was almost as if going to Ibiza was like […]

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The Land Of Tomorrow

One hell of a week touring Amsterdam followed by the ultimate dance festival, Tomorrowland. Followed by the consequences of what happens to your body when you don’t eat, sleep, or do anything required for life, and instead jump excessively and continuously for 12 hours straight and then attempt to lie on a blow-up mattress that […]

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