A Day of Vanity

I’m not usually one for beauty treatments, mostly because I don’t have the time or money (believe me if I had those, I’d be having daily manicures – daily because of my weird nail disease*), but I recently made a special exception – because how on earth could I possibly attend a donut event WITHOUT […]

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A Beauty Overhaul

I’m not usually one for huge amounts of pampering, I’m more of a shower-as-quickly-as-possible, makeup-wipe-as-cleanser, hair-doesn’t-need-no-brushing kinda gal. The other day I told my friend I didn’t wash my face after using makeup wipes to remove makeup and she gave me a stunned look. Similar to the one I often get when I tell people I […]

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Irresistible Curls

Last time I tried to curl my hair I spent 3 hours using a 10-year old curling wand that my cousin gave to me (most likely because it didn’t work) and of course the curls fell out within 3.4 seconds and it was all a disaster. So when I first tried my new Irresistible Me […]

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A Box of Bella (Beautiful) Things

There’s not much I like more in life than makeup and food. Well, actually I also like pompoms, sequins, my instagram husband, sparkly nail polish, learning about genetic diseases, electronic music, Danish minimalistic clothing brands, meerkats, sarcasm… Ok so maybe I like a lot of things… Luckily the beautiful blue bellabox that arrived in my […]

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Pamper Me

I’m not usually much of a beauty regime person. I’m normally more of a shower-quick-and-move-onto-next-activity person (mostly because I’m always late… ) However, on this beautiful Saturday I had a few spare hours and decided to pamper myself, courtesy of Trefiel’s unique new range of lace-style face masks. Seriously though, who could resist a face mask that […]

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