MBFWA x Larmont

  I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that I pretty much live from one holiday to the next. That’s not to say of course that I don’t love brunching twice-weekly, wearing fluffy slides and doing other fun Melbourne things, but holidays do seem to involve a lot of very […]

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Pot of Gold

This weekend, the lovely Cheryl (@lawstore) and I embarked on a sneaky road trip down to Ballarat for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week’s regional runway show.

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Glass Merchants

If you’re a sucker for converted warehouses & quirky ceiling hangings, then I’ve found your new local cafe stop. Steering clear of the predictable pastel-coloured crockery and marble furniture, Glass Merchants opts for an authentic grunge-chic look that St Kilda embodies so well.

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Having A Ball At Brunch

I’m known to be a serial over-dresser, but when heading to brunch with other bloggers can you ever really be overdressed? I mean that’s like asking if your camera lens can be TOO large. Or if you coffee can be TOO strong. Or if it’s a silly idea to pick the aesthetically pleasing dish over the one […]

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Anything But Common

I’ve been to cafes that serve ‘soil’ (it’s oreos, not real dirt for anyone who just freaked out) for brunch and cafes that make you drink coffee out of chemistry equipment (cross your fingers they’re not recycled from labs right?) but before Uncommon, I was yet to experience a cafe that fancied itself as an […]

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Everyone has to drink water right? Oh, well only if you want to live that is. So why not drink it out of sleek glass bottle with a real gold plated lid? Genius, I know. Add some French & SUIS has it all.

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The Best Of The West

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the Winter dinner menu at West of Kin this week. What there was: an array of incredible modern fusion Pan-Asian dishes. What there was not: a shortage of food / aesthetics / good vibes…

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