Who is Kitty?

Kitty Burns… Is it a cafe? Is it a children’s play area? Is it an evil ploy to reel in unsuspecting bloggers and take up their entire day with food too pretty to ever stop photographing? Whatever it is, it’s what bloggers’ dreams are made of. And named after my favourite animal, what’s not to […]

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I’m Feelin’ 22

It’s still my birthday week, right?! Birthdays can’t only last one day, that’s just cruel. How am I supposed to consume enough pancakes in one day to last me a whole year until next birthday.

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Naked in the Sky

Lethargic & fuzzy – a feeling only iced coffee and sushi can cure. Now I remember why I don’t go out anymore. But when the cab driver called me a 73 year old for wanting to go home at 10pm (fair), what was I to do…

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Mr M Says…

Mr Miyagi says it’s worth the wait – and it WAS. Of course I didn’t actually end up waiting long because I was, rather conveniently (shh), running on Miranda-mean-time (AKA 10 minutes late) give or take 10 minutes… 

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Açaí All Day Every Day

Now when açaí berries boomed into existence about 10 years ago, with claims they could do anything from weight loss to increasing the size of certain, umm, body parts, I was highly doubtful about their supposed ‘health benefits’. Around 10 years later, and there is in fact still little scientific evidence to prove that açaí has any miraculous effects on health… However while […]

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Ice, Ice, Baby

As someone who loves tea (now remember liking tea doesn’t mean I like coffee any less), health-oriented products and a cheeky bev on a hot Melbourne afternoon (or morning, spare me your judgement – it was the Caulfield Cup), it was to my very pleasant surprise when I discovered a new drink combining all these […]

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