Europe (Part C)

Just when you thought the Europe blog posts were done…here’s one last desperate attempt to pretend I’m still on holiday in Europe. The last part of this Europe series is dedicated to two of my favourite things: dressing bizarrely, and techno.

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MBFWA x Larmont

  I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that I pretty much live from one holiday to the next. That’s not to say of course that I don’t love brunching twice-weekly, wearing fluffy slides and doing other fun Melbourne things, but holidays do seem to involve a lot of very […]

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Sharky Adventures

Last weekend I jetted off on your very average, very typical family holiday. To a small & secluded coastal town in Western Australia to swim with the largest fish in the world, the whale shark.

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Land of Glaciers – Part 2

My favourite moments of my New Zealand trip were visiting the Tasman Valley and Milford Sound. Both these areas were formed when giant glaciers, stretching many kilometres long, melted after an ice age. It appears as though I have some sort of innate adoration for glacier-formed structures.

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The Effortless City

While this post is slightly delayed (due to post-20 hour flight extreme exhaustion), London is not a city that can be rushed. With endless markets, shops, landmarks and museums, I could have spent my entire 3.5 months away here and I wouldn’t have gotten bored, even after having been to London five times before. In a city […]

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Pleasure & Pain

Seduction, transformation, allure, status, movement, privilege, royalty, pleasure and pain were all concepts associated with shoes in the ‘Shoes: Pleasure & Pain” exhibition I visited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. An exploration into the extremes of footwear throughout history and around the globe – what more could I ask for? A decent pair of […]

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