How To: Winter In Summer

You probably all know by now that I really don’t like summer, and it’s not only because of the being drenched in sticky sweat and de-vampire-ation attempts of the sun, but also because the fashion, well, kinda sucks. I know that most people out there do love the SUN, the HEAT, the BEACH etc (I […]

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Kawaii, or cute (in Japanese), could possibly be the easiest way to describe Japan in one word. The food is presented in cute shapes and bowls with little umbrellas, every store sells fluffy sparkly rainbow items, and even the toilet seats are heated for the comfort of your bottom. After a long silly-sarcastic-storytelling hiatus (or […]

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Don’t Worry

While I’ve never visited New York, Los Angeles or Miami, the brand NYLAMI (NY-LA-MI) tells me that I might just fit in quite well. When people can recognise you just from the back of your NYLAMI Neo Punk jacket, you know it was meant to be.

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Stakes Day

While lackingΒ energy, outfits, headpieces and the ability to walk, we managed to push through to wrap up the Melbourne Cup Spring Racing Carnival with Emirates Stakes Day.

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Melbourne Cup

A race was stopping the nation and I was attempting to stop race day goers in their tracks with my faux fur, metallics and pompoms. Whether I was turning heads for the ridiculousness of my outfit or because people actually liked it, I will never know.

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Derby Day

Derby Day – the only day of the year that I will willingly wear all black.Β Did I say all black? I kinda lied. I did my best, but there was no chance I was actually going to stick to the dress code from head to toe. The crazy rainbow lady cannot, and will not, be […]

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