Word On The Street

Word on the street has it that Street Talk Espresso may possibly serve the most beautifully presented food in Melbourne. Big call right? Well this cafe gives meaning to the concept of food being art and does not muck around.

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Having A Ball At Brunch

I’m known to be a serial over-dresser, but when heading to brunch with other bloggers can you ever really be overdressed? I mean that’s like asking if your camera lens can be TOO large. Or if you coffee can be TOO strong. Or if it’s a silly idea to pick the aesthetically pleasing dish over the one […]

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A Good Investment

You always regret the things you don’t buy, and never the things you do. I’ve never turned around and said I wish I didn’t buy this amazing aqua suede skirt but everyday since I left London I’ve cried (figuratively and maybe once literally) about the things I didn’t buy. Ok so this is about as […]

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The Matching Game

I’m good at two things, twirling and matching. Well I’m not great at twirling, but I’m certainly better at it than I am at any other sort of pose. I also managed not to flash Stacy / workmen / randoms in apartment block while attempting to twirl, which is always a plus.

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Who is Kitty?

Kitty Burns… Is it a cafe? Is it a children’s play area? Is it an evil ploy to reel in unsuspecting bloggers and take up their entire day with food too pretty to ever stop photographing? Whatever it is, it’s what bloggers’ dreams are made of. And named after my favourite animal, what’s not to […]

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I’m Feelin’ 22

It’s still my birthday week, right?! Birthdays can’t only last one day, that’s just cruel. How am I supposed to consume enough pancakes in one day to last me a whole year until next birthday.

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Pamper Me

I’m not usually much of a beauty regime person. I’m normally more of a shower-quick-and-move-onto-next-activity person (mostly because I’m always late… ) However, on this beautiful Saturday I had a few spare hours and decided to pamper myself, courtesy of Trefiel’s unique new range of lace-style face masks. Seriously though, who could resist a face mask that […]

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