A Good Investment

You always regret the things you don’t buy, and never the things you do. I’ve never turned around and said I wish I didn’t buy this amazing aqua suede skirt but everyday since I left London I’ve cried (figuratively and maybe once literally) about the things I didn’t buy. Ok so this is about as […]

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The Pom Life Chose Me

I didn’t choose the pom life, the pom life chose me… Well actually I did specifically choose the pom life, but who wouldn’t want to look like a giant fluffy ball of fun? Especially at VAMFF, the one week of the year where people literally cover themselves in giant pompoms (and NO, not only me) […]

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The Falls

How does The Girl Who Lived For Clothes survive camping? She doesn’t. So for four days I had to become The Girl Who Lived For Festivals…

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Lucky Hue

Now while I’m not normally one for religiously following trends (not that I’m against it either), I can safely say I managed to nail the camel coat trend. Now how did I do this? Well I happened to own a camel coat, it was pretty easy actually. This coat has been in my wardrobe from […]

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Pleasure & Pain

Seduction, transformation, allure, status, movement, privilege, royalty, pleasure and pain were all concepts associated with shoes in the ‘Shoes: Pleasure & Pain” exhibition I visited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. An exploration into the extremes of footwear throughout history and around the globe – what more could I ask for? A decent pair of […]

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