Brocade Brigade

I didn’t think I could take outfit coordination any further…then this outfit happened and gave the word ‘matching’ new meaning. I not only matched the golds and blues, but my hair matches the bronze which matches the brown sunnies, and the earrings are both gold and silver to pick up the slight silver in the jacket. […]

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Mixed Media

Gold and pink are possibly two of my favourite colours. I do also like purple though. And I own a lot of blue. Silver is cool too. And despite how it may seem, I actually do love black. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a colour (apologies for the language) wh*re.

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Golden Opportunity

With my new baby on hand (hello little Nikon friend) & gale force winds at the Royal Exhibition Building, it was a golden opportunity for shooting my new pleated skirt. We all know the only thing I love more than twirling is wind action.

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