Closet Diaries

I recently discovered a new English brand called Closet London. Fashion in London for me is the perfect combination of being on trend, with a twist of quirky or chic. If someone asked me who was my biggest fashion inspiration, it would be London personified.

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Anglomania w/ Marks & Spencer

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would probably be London. Besides the heart-melting accents, indoor markets boasting 3D printed jewellery and the ability to get to Paris, or really anywhere in Europe, in under an hour; the London fashion scene is something that never, not EVER, fails to impress. So you can […]

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The Effortless City

While this post is slightly delayed (due to post-20 hour flight extreme exhaustion), London is not a city that can be rushed. With endless markets, shops, landmarks and museums, I could have spent my entire 3.5 months away here and I wouldn’t have gotten bored, even after having been to London five times before. In a city […]

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Pleasure & Pain

Seduction, transformation, allure, status, movement, privilege, royalty, pleasure and pain were all concepts associated with shoes in the ‘Shoes: Pleasure & Pain” exhibition I visited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. An exploration into the extremes of footwear throughout history and around the globe – what more could I ask for? A decent pair of […]

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