Impact Zone

There’s supposedly nothing more timeless than a white shirt, but I often associate timeless with being boring, and I don’t want boring – I want to make an impact. Thanks to Jillian Boustred however, timeless and boring don’t have to go hand in hand. Here’s how to take timeless, monochrome pieces and turn them into […]

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Mischief Maker

It takes audacity to wear a rainbow fluffy bag. And it certainly takes audacity to wear a PVC skirt. Wearing these two items together, well that takes it to a whole new level of absurdity that I will certainly claim as my own.

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Brocade Brigade

I didn’t think I could take outfit coordination any further…then this outfit happened and gave the word ‘matching’ new meaning. I not only matched the golds and blues, but my hair matches the bronze which matches the brown sunnies, and the earrings are both gold and silver to pick up the slight silver in the jacket. […]

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How To: Winter In Summer

You probably all know by now that I really don’t like summer, and it’s not only because of the being drenched in sticky sweat and de-vampire-ation attempts of the sun, but also because the fashion, well, kinda sucks. I know that most people out there do love the SUN, the HEAT, the BEACH etc (I […]

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Derby Day

Derby Day – the only day of the year that I will willingly wear all black. Did I say all black? I kinda lied. I did my best, but there was no chance I was actually going to stick to the dress code from head to toe. The crazy rainbow lady cannot, and will not, be […]

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Mixed Media

Gold and pink are possibly two of my favourite colours. I do also like purple though. And I own a lot of blue. Silver is cool too. And despite how it may seem, I actually do love black. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a colour (apologies for the language) wh*re.

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Pompoms Prevail

We all know that when I like something, I buy a lot of it. Faux fur, bright colours, velvet… and pom-poms. The DISASTER that is summer is unfortunately coming, fluffy items will be going (sobs profusely), but pompoms will PREVAIL.

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Word On The Street

Word on the street has it that Street Talk Espresso may possibly serve the most beautifully presented food in Melbourne. Big call right? Well this cafe gives meaning to the concept of food being art and does not muck around.

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Sun Hunting

If you thought I meant I’m hunting the actual sun, you obviously don’t know me and my vampire ways at all. I’m clearly referring to my new BRIGHT (AKA just the way I like it) orange knit.

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Grey Matter

I recently discovered Boden, a brand that would give me everything I’d be searching for in my life this Winter – no, not calorie free Nutella donuts (if you find them, please let me know), but a pale grey coat. And yes I do have a dark grey coat, but what is a wardrobe without […]

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