Anything But Common

I’ve been to cafes that serve ‘soil’ (it’s oreos, not real dirt for anyone who just freaked out) for brunch and cafes that make you drink coffee out of chemistry equipment (cross your fingers they’re not recycled from labs right?) but before Uncommon, I was yet to experience a cafe that fancied itself as an […]

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Forget Me Knot

There’s two things that are definitely clear about my style – it is often girly (I’m not one to turn down anything pink, ever) and it is definitely not conventional. So what better an item for me than this classic white shirt/giant bow hybrid.

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Naked in the Sky

Lethargic & fuzzy – a feeling only iced coffee and sushi can cure. Now I remember why I don’t go out anymore. But when the cab driver called me a 73 year old for wanting to go home at 10pm (fair), what was I to do…

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The Falls

How does The Girl Who Lived For Clothes survive camping? She doesn’t. So for four days I had to become The Girl Who Lived For Festivals…

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Mr M Says…

Mr Miyagi says it’s worth the wait – and it WAS. Of course I didn’t actually end up waiting long because I was, rather conveniently (shh), running on Miranda-mean-time (AKA 10 minutes late) give or take 10 minutes… 

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Lucky Hue

Now while I’m not normally one for religiously following trends (not that I’m against it either), I can safely say I managed to nail the camel coat trend. Now how did I do this? Well I happened to own a camel coat, it was pretty easy actually. This coat has been in my wardrobe from […]

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